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Central Market. The picturesque Port-Louis central market continues to be a meeting point for Mauritians looking for a «cari» (curry) or «dithé» (tea). Here you will find all the ingredients that help to create the charm of Mauritius: local crafts, vegetables, famous «dholl purris» as well as herbal tea sellers. Built in 1844 the market is being renovated.

China Town. Enjoy a picturesque and affordable visit to Port-Louis’ Chinatown. The sellers of boiled «chow mein» and fish balls form part of the picturesque scene in an area where you can find almost anything at an affordable price.

Caudan Waterfront. During the past years the Caudan Waterfront has become an unavoidable route for those who wish to have a taste of the best of Mauritius. Offering more than just rows of shops and restaurants Caudan Waterfront also enables you to discover Mauritian expertise in all fields, as you stroll around the area. Fast food or gourmet cooking, jewellery and local crafts, everything to suit all tastes.

Domaine les Pailles. Nestling in the Pailles Valley, Domaine les Pailles takes a trip back in time through the history of Mauritius and offers a unique culinary experience. This typical Mauritian estate inflames your imagination with its harmonious combination of history, culture and nature.

  What to see > Eco Tourism > Green Mauritius

Invigorate yourself. Go mountain climbing or explore nature through forests, plants or endemic flowers. Enjoy the spectacular beauty of waterfalls or live an exciting adventure by going down the waterfalls.

Take breathtaking views on foot, on bike or kayak; or go trekking through fields, rivers and forests on all terrain quad bikes and discover the magnificent views of the south-eastern coastal regions. Adventure also means sharing the pleasures of fair game culling in the south-east where many stags, does and boars roam freely on grounds of 900 hectares, covered with tropical forests. The main tour operators of the island have included in their packages a “nature” element which does not fail to bring to light a few spectacular sites. Be it “Yemaya Adventures” with former world cycling champion, Patrick Haberland , “Fun & Culture” with Yan de Maroussem or “Aqualonde” and Espace Aventure, green Mauritius is now discovered at different rhythm .

  What to see > Eco Tourism > SSR Botanical Garden

The gardens are known to naturalists throughout the world for their large collection of indigenous and exotic plants, including the giant Victoria Amazonica water lilies and many species of palm trees.

The gardens are known to naturalists throughout the world for their large collection of indigenous and exotic plants.
The 60-acre garden boasts 500 different species of plants, of which 80 are palms. Of particular interest are the giant water lilies, a spice garden and the Talipot Palms, said to flower every 60 years after which they die.
The deers and tortoises are sure to delight the youngsters, whilst an old French mansion, Château Mon Plaisir, and an old sugar mill conjure up pictures of Mauritius’ rich historical past.

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