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AHRIM, Association des Hôteliers et Restaurateurs de l'île Maurice' was formed in 1973, with the primary objective of representing and promoting the interest of hotels and restaurants in Mauritius.
Initially, there were 5 hotels and 9 restaurants forming part of AHRIM. Since then, the association has been playing a very crucial role in tourism decision making, helping in the development of the island. Presently, 66 hotels and 33 restaurants, as well as 2 associate members and 5 affiliate members are linked with AHRIM.
AHRIM's goal is to promote tourism through the creation of a better environment and atmosphere for all those working directly or indirectly in the tourism sector. The vision is to make the tourism industry a viable prospect for the prosperity of the economy, leading to a rise in the quality of living of all local citizens.

Objects of AHRIM
> To promote the interests of the hotel, catering and tourism industry in Mauritius
> To provide for joint consultations with other organisations of the private sector
> To provide a forum to discuss the interests of the industry
> To initiate and encourage activities which would further the development and interests of the industry and the private sector in general
> To liaise with Government and other bodies on matters relating to the industry
> To make representations in relation to legislative or other matters affecting the industry and if necessary to secure the services of other persons to that end
> To do all such things as may be necessary for the development of the Tourism industry in Mauritius

Contact Info:
5th Floor, Barkly Wharf
Caudan Waterfront
Port Louis, Mauritius
Tel: 230-211-5630
Fax: 230-211-7359
Email: ahrim@intnet.mu

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